A Peek Into My Pantry- 6 Must Have Ingredients

5 Kitchen Essential Ingredients

There are 6 kitchen ingredient essentials that I always have in my pantry. They have all sorts of uses and I use them at least once – if not twice – per day. Whether you are staying in and want to make an easy lunch or dinner or a quick meal, these are the essential…

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5 Tips to Alleviate Your Lupus Joint Pain

Joint pain is one of the most common symptoms of lupus. It can move between different joints or remain isolated to one or many joints at a time. For me, the pain began in my right wrist,  it would resolve and move to another joint a day later. As things quickly worsened, the pain remained…

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The Basics: How to Create Delicious Green Drinks

Nutribullet for Making Green Drinks

Ever since I released my From Lupus to Living: Defying the Odds video, I’ve been getting a lot of questions about green drinks. What do I put in my green drink? How often do I drink them? So, I wanted to share what goes into my drink!  There are tons of variations out there, but…

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The Lupus Gluten Connection

Have faith you can do it - Margaret Romero From Lupus to Living

Note: the Lupus Gluten Connection first appeared on kriscarr.com. Today I am healthy, vibrant and pain free, but it wasn’t always this way. A few years ago, I became afflicted with intense, severe muscle pain and joint swelling, leading to hospitalization. It wasn’t until I discovered I had a severe gluten intolerance that I was…

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Gluten Free Travel Essentials For Your Next Trip

World travel from sxc.hu.com

We all know that traveling alone can be stressful at times. But add a gluten free diet to the mix and it can be down right frustrating! Everywhere you look there are sandwiches, wraps, donuts, pastries, fried foods, hot dogs and even some “healthy” snacks. It can be nothing less than daunting. Welcome to my…

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