Our beloved vaginas, I discuss all the ways to keep her less irritated and happy! From dirty fingers to paragon filled lubricants. You don't want to miss this episode! Resources: LInks to natural lubricants: https://goodcleanlove.com/products/almost-naked-organic-personal-lubricant https://www.sustainnatural.com/products/organic-lubricant Organic tampons: https://www.sustainnatural.com/pages/superior-organic-tampons-pads-liners Best sex toy brand: https://www.lelo.com/sex-toys-for-women Subscribe to the podcast on: iTunes / Stitcher / Google Play ...
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If you are a woman in your early to mid 30's, I highly recommend getting 2 lab tests that can reveal early heart disease. Today, I discuss their importance, as well as, supplements to help with decreasing elevated levels. Results should be: CRP-HS= 1.0 or less Homocysteine= not higher than 10-11. MTHFR- if + take methylated versions of B vitamins. Subscribe to the podcast on: Apple Podcasts / Stitcher / Google Play ...
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This week I have a beautiful interview with Stefanos Sifandos; diving into all things sacred in partnerships. Stefanos is a men’s empowerment coach, which includes the exploration of intimate relationships, merging the best of eastern and western methodologies and philosophies to promote balance, sacredness and power in life and love. We discussed:
  • The differences between a partnership vs a sacred partnership
  • How to invite and begin to share the idea with your partner
  • What prompted Stefanos into learning this way of relating
  • How he ...
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This week on WFW I get a little personal about some childhood wounding that still affects me today. It's time to heal, forgive and move on. Do you have any childhood wounds that need to be healed? Subscribe to the podcast on: iTunes / Stitcher / Google Play ...
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My guest this week is Asha Ramakrishna, the author of The Priestess Code: Awakening the Modern Woman. Loved this conversation all about:
  • What does it mean to be a seasonal being
  • The reason you don't need permission to create your life
  • How to access your feminine voice
  • How to learn to receive more than to deplete ourselves
Asha Ramakrishna: Asha D Ramakrishna is both a scientist & a mystic. With a background in molecular biology and business development, her curiosity for the ...
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Listen to my recent encounter with a sub-par doctor. I want women to have the courage to end a patient-doctor relationship that is not working. If you do not feel seen or heard, it's time to move on. Subscribe to the podcast on: iTunes / Stitcher / Google Play ...
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