Margaret Romero, an Ivy-trained integrative nurse practitioner and founder of From Lupus to Living, Sleek Sexy Strong, and The Sacred Medicine Podcast. She has worked with women for over two decades. Time and time again, she has diagnosed powerful, driven, and successful women with chronic fatigue, depleted adrenals, and zero libido along with severe hormonal changes. So often women operate completely in their masculine energy, 24/7, in and outside the office. I created this podcast for those women, (I was one of them!), to begin to fully embody those lost and unreclaimed essences.

I envision a world where women completely embody her divinity, owning that feminine power, having her way in this world, and giving off such an elixir that others, even men, find irresistible.

I invite you to step into this beautiful space of devotion of the sacred feminine self. Learn how to nourish your soul, mind, and body. From daily rituals, embracing exquisite self-care, and awakening your innate sensuality.

Join me in exploring the realm of sacred self-devotion as a lifestyle. When we embrace our divine feminine in all areas of our lives, we ultimately impact our health and wellbeing.

This Sacred Medicine podcast weaves together powerful soulful practices with functional medicine to bring deep healing and transformation.

This podcast will not only explore all areas of functional medicine, such as hormones, adrenals, nutrition, and food (I love to cook!), but also the delicious softer feminine side, with a focus on spirituality, sexuality, and finally rediscovering that sensual goddess within. It is time to own your ravishing essence and radiance, sisters. Your sensual erotic begs you to wake up and acknowledge her.

We dive deep into the waters of reclaiming our feminine with rituals, exquisite self -care, eroticism, along with sacred sensuality and sexuality. My desire is for women to completely embody their divinity, owning that feminine power, having her way in this world, and ultimately creating sacred self-devotion as a lifestyle.