191: Wild & Well Dani’s Six Commonsense Steps to Radical Healing

Dani Williamson is my guest today, and let me tell you, she has been through so much with her health until she found functional medicine after she was diagnosed with lupus. Today she is thriving! Yes, she is another example that you can overcome autoimmunity! She’s coming out with her new book, “Wild and Well,…

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188: Simple Ways to Optimize Your Cells

Today my guest is Tracy Duhs, a modern wellness educator, and experience maker. We talked about how we can optimize our cells. You probably don’t think about your cells much but the healthier you are, the healthier your cells are. We discussed simple ways to supercharge your cells, no equipment needed! And we talked about…

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176: 2 Warnings About the Medical Medium Protocols

Medical Medium Protocols

Today’s podcast is not about hating on Anthony Williams, the author of several bestselling books or that he is led by “Spirit” but 2 medical facts that could impact your health adversely. His books discuss healthy eating options and I’m all for it! So, take a listen today with an open mind. Want to connect…

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173: Daily EMF Exposure

Today’s guest blew me away with her knowledge about EMF’s (electronic magnetic field)! August Brice’s own health journey, a sensitivity to electromagnetic radiation discovered 25 years ago, led her to research the subject extensively, and to partner with many of the top EMF experts in the world. She empowers people to have a healthier, safer,…

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169: So You’ve Just Been Diagnosed with Lupus, Here’s What to Do Next:

Today’s episode is for those of you just newly diagnosed with lupus. It’s meant to empower and give you important suggestions as you navigate your way through your new lupus journey. I share my experience of being ignored by my specialists and how to not let this take you down a road of misery. >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>…

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