Nearly three decades ago, after first graduating from SUNY Stony Brook with a BS in Biology, then from Columbia University with a Bachelor’s and Master’s Degree in Nursing, I started my career as an emergency medical technician.

My career has included founding multiple practices, pioneering integrative/functional medicine through teaching at the Columbia University School of Nursing in New York City, and working with the top integrative health centers in New York City including celebrity-favorite Oz Medical, founded by nutritionist and anti-aging guru, Oz Garcia.

Femme Med

In 2017 I founded Femme Med, a whole-health sanctuary for women in the middle of New York City, that blends my unique background of cutting-edge functional medicine and women's health so I can serve women from a more holistic approach, inspired by the creation of my podcast.

Now, I offer virtual consultations for women with lupus and chronic conditions using functional medicine, which looks for the root cause of illness.

I’ve worked closely with women for over two decades; diagnosing powerful, driven, and successful women suffering with chronic fatigue, depleted adrenals, and zero libido along with severe hormonal imbalances. So often, in an effort to keep the world around us running, we operate completely in our masculine energy, 24/7, which is creating havoc in our bodies.

Rise Above Lupus

After a debilitating diagnosis of lupus nephritis, I shifted my passion from reactive to proactive, became gluten free and haven’t looked back since.

Through functional testing, I was able to uncover so many issues that my specialists had never considered. I was able to find out what actually triggered my lupus diagnosis and reverse them. These triggers are different for everyone but it is the biggest thing that I had me turn my health around.

I now work with women to rise above their lupus diagnosis and heal on a deep cellular level rather than using bandaids. This is where I find the most success in changing the trajectory of their diagnosis.

The Sacred Medicine Podcast

In addition to my personal healing experience, I love empowering women to not only embrace a healthy lifestyle but to excel in a variety of different ways. show: The Sacred Medicine Podcast.

I created this podcast to invite women to step into their power in all areas of their lives including relationships, health, finances, dating, sensually, and living their best life ever!

The health topics are based in functional medicine.

I invite you to access the archives (as well as all future episodes) of The Sacred Medicine Podcast online, or you can subscribe in iTunes. Join me, and my special guests, as we learn how to nourish our souls, minds, and bodies with daily rituals, embracing self-care, and awakening our divinity.

If you are interested in being a guest on The Sacred Medicine Podcast, I’d love to hear from you.