10 Things to Do On A Not So Good Day

You know those days. You wake up and just wish you could stay in bed. Whether you have a migraine, body aches, or just overly exhausted, it happens. But how you deal with it is another question.

I remember those days. The torture to even move, forget trying to run a household or get ready for a work day.

So try these on for size.


woman in pain

 10 Things You Can Do On A Not So Good Day:

  1. Meet a friend for coffee, tea, or lunch or invite them over your place
  2. Get your hair blown out
  3. Listen to a healing meditation
  4. Put on your favorite music
  5. Soak in a hot bath with lavender salts or peppermint essential oils for your muscles
  6. Apply essential oils to areas on your body that ache, try Young Living’s Deep Relief
  7. Get a 10 minute chair massage, light pressure if you are achy
  8. Get a manicure and pedicure
  9. Find a quiet park and bring your journal, use colored pens
  10. Buy 3 of your favorite magazines

It takes effort to live a full life despite the achiness or pain. It’s very easy to let time pass, to allow the pain or fatigue to take over, and feel helpless.

And maybe you have not a single bit of energy to do any of the above, but trust me on this one, you are worth the extra effort. You are worth every single act of self care. Also consider that maybe your medications need to be adjusted.

Have you ever considered acupuncture or seeing an integrative practitioner. There are alternatives in addition to your specialist.

Support groups?

I have an amazing empowerment group and programs I am putting together this Fall, watch for it!

So have you tried any of the above? Did it help you get through the day? Have you tried other ones that have worked for you, please share!

Until next time,