Do You Know How Beautiful You Are?



Having worked with hundreds of women and being a part of one of the most gorgeous community of women from The School of Womanly Arts, I have been witness to the vastness of emotion. The rawness of grief, rage, the depths of sadness along with the euphoria of desires finally coming to fruition. Our ability to navigate and access these emotions is one of the most ravishing things a woman owns. Yes, we need to own them. All of them.

At times, our emotions are like a black abyss that we are too afraid to enter and access, we fear even going there.  So instead we avoid it. We then fill in with work, alcohol, food, or men. What would happen if we felt every little emotion that was begging to be known? What if you had a safe space to do that, maybe with another sister or a friend?

Keeping emotions in can create dis-ease in our bodies.

Who said we always have to keep it together every single day? We are not robots. David Deida, author of Dear Lover, said that mother nature is like the divine feminine. She has beautiful sunny days, horrific tsunamis, deadly hurricanes, downpours of rain, sleet, and snow. Women are the same. That’s why it’s not called father nature. Being a woman is the biggest gift that I could have been granted. We have the ability to access the most beautiful spectrum of intense emotions. We are known to be the ultimate nurturers, but if crossed, we can torch a small village. We have our dark days, but despite that we still get up and feed the children. But when we are happy, we are radiant. Our brilliance shines through and others want to be close to us to get some of what you got!

Our sensuality is mesmerizing. It casts spells on men and it is beyond powerful. Our sensuality is sacred, as sacred as the most divine temple you have ever visited.

Many have been taught that our sensuality is bad, not to be used, to be kept under wraps. Eventually you shut down. You don’t feel. You become numb, numb to life, to your husband, to your passions, your desires. You exist but you are not living.

So how do we access this? If you are grieving, cry it out. Don’t keep it in. Allow yourself to feel the rawness of your emotions. Talk to a girlfriend you trust. Unleash it all with her as your witness.

Moving emotions through your body is vital. You can do this by dancing. Not in the mood to dance to upbeat music? Then put on a sultry tune and allow your body to feel. Feel the sadness, the rage, or the grief. Allow it come up to be released.

For me, it’s dancing to all types of music. I dance after a long day at work and before I go out to switch from my masculine energy into my feminine. Talking to friends is also so important to me. I used to keep it all bottled in and then one day I would just explode.

Now it’s your turn, I want to know how you process those beautiful emotions. How often do you allow yourself to go there and be vulnerable with yourself or with a friend?