042: Essential Oils Between the Sheets with Lucy Libido

Ep 42 - Lucy Libido

For those of you wanting to try something new in the bedroom or who love essential oils and are looking to use it for sensual purposes, this podcast is for you! I have Lucy Libido with me today and we are diving into using essential oils to enhance your bedroom repertoire. We jam on: How…

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041: Getting Clarity and Having Courage with Rachael Webb

Ep 41 - Rachael Webb

Being courageous is not an easy thing. I definitely encountered some resistance in my life, even when I was launching this podcast. Today’s guest, Rachael Webb, an internationally known Spiritual Business Advisor and Sound Healer, shines a light on getting clear and moving ahead courageously. We jammed on: How to make a decision between two…

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040: Inspired and Unstoppable with Tama Kieves

Ep 40 - Tama Kieves

Tama Kieves happens to be one of my favorite authors as I typically start my day with her book, Inspired & Unstoppable: Wildly Succeeding in Your Life’s Work! I am so happy to be interviewing her today! Her book has infused my mornings with inspiration and motivation for the past few years. I hope this…

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039: Building an Epic Partnership with Andy Drish

Ep 39 - Andy Drish

Want to know what it takes to create an epic partnership? I had such an astounding conversation with Andy Drish, the co-founder of The Foundation which teaches entrepreneurs how to start and scale software businesses. When he is not working, he has a profound way of looking at relationships and expressing love. Woah, I’m still…

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038: Enhancing Your Health, Work, and Love Lives with Moonologist Yasmin Boland

Ep 38 - Yasmin Boland

If you’re a long-time listener of the podcast, you know how much I love the moon, moon cycles, and moon ritual. All of it, is so good. This week, I was giddy to speak with Yasmin Boland, an astrologer and moonologist (how cool is that!). Want to know how to enhance major aspects of your…

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