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Wisdom for the Weekends

Wisdom for the Weekend: Dreaming Big

Before or after you listen to this episode, check out my Instagram post for today. You will see one of my biggest desires. After an interview with Sarah Centrella featured in Episode 73, I knew I wanted to create a new vision board! Check out this week’s Wisdom for the Weekend for some inspiration! Subscribe…

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Wisdom for the Weekend: Allow Your Experiences to Strengthen You

I recently found a nugget from The Goop Podcast with Oprah that I had to share. How can we use any and all experiences to elevate us? I talk about my failed marriage a bit and the woman I have become today.

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Wisdom for the Weekend: Get Out of Your Comfort Zone

There is no growth in your comfy space. In order to grow in all areas of your life, you need to bravely step out of your zone. This could be in the bedroom, in your relationship, or in your business. What will you do to get out of yours? Take me on your journey! Subscribe…

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Wisdom for the Weekend: What Are You Waiting For?

What is that one thing that you keep holding off from doing, trying or buying? Now is the time to just do it. Research how you can do it, buy it, or afford it. Live your life now. What are you waiting for? Subscribe to the podcast on: iTunes / Stitcher / Google Play Wisdom for the Weekend episodes are small doses…

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Wisdom for the Weekend: Be Effen’ Consistent

This week I’m talking about being consistent, showing up and getting the things you truly desire. The only way to do so is to be consistent. I’m calling you out this week and also sending a message to myself. We all make excuses. But success in everything happens when you embrace consistency. Subscribe to the…

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