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Wisdom for the Weekends

Wisdom for the Weekend: Solar Eclipse Time!


Are you ready, people? This solar eclipse is going to be an amazing time to release the old and step into something new in a HUGE way. What is that huge desire that you’ve been putting off? Now is the perfect time to start taking action. So take this weekend and think about it, the…

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Wisdom for the Weekend: Loving What Is

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What are you hating on right now? Is it your job, your partner, or maybe being single? How about loving the shit out of whatever that thing is right now? Yes, party with what you’ve got. Be grateful for it, it’s most likely temporary. You will eventually get that new partner, lover, job, car, or…

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Wisdom for the Weekend: Eclipse Season – Letting Go


Feeling the nudge to let go of someone or something? Well this is the time to start thinking about what or who that may be. This eclipse coming up on 8/7/17 is a perfect time to do this, yet probably not the easiest thing to do. Have the courage to start moving in the direction…

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Wisdom for the Weekend: Saying Yes


This week’s Wisdom for the Weekend is a quote from a book that I absolutely adore. It happens to be one of the books I reach for, for daily inspiration. Inspired and Unstoppable: Wildly Succeeding in Your Life’s Work! By Tama Kieves. The quote is: “It’s not about knowing how to make it happen or being “worthy”.…

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Wisdom for the Weekend: Divine Timing


Is there something you want right now? Are you frustrated that it’s not in your life yet? Maybe it’s a house, partner, job or something else. Have you in tried to force things into being? This week I talk about divine timing. It’s one of the ways I live my life and it takes away…

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