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Wisdom for the Weekends

111: Wisdom for the Weekend – Stop Seeking Happiness Outside of You

This week’s short WFW is something I heard from Michael Beckwith. It’s about how to stop searching for something outside of you and to be responsible for what is missing in your life. Subscribe to the podcast on: iTunes / Stitcher / Google Play

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108: Your Body Needs You To Slow Down

As I’m in the final edits of my upcoming manual on Lupus, I realized that at the height of my illness, many years ago, I found myself working over 70 hours per week with little fun or enjoyment in my life. There is quote by Brené Brown that tells us exactly what our body needs…

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105: Wisdom for the Weekend – Dreaming Big in 2019

As the momentum of resolution season is upon us, this episode is a gentle reminder to continue dreaming big, this year has the energy to get those dreams to become a reality. Subscribe to the podcast on: iTunes / Stitcher / Google Play

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099: Wisdom for the Weekend: Count Your Blessings

I recently was lucky enough to spend a weekend in Puerto Rico to offer up some medical services following Hurricane Maria, which affected the island last year. The people of Puerto Rico are still suffering in many ways. In this episode, I talk about my experience and the one thing I do to express the…

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096: Wisdom for the Weekend: Shitting On Our Own Brilliance

How many times have you had ideas of things you wanted to create; maybe a book, a workshop, or even a business? But, you shit on it. We do this all the time. It’s time to stop and finally do the thing, whatever that thing is for you. Write the book. Create that workshop. Do…

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