103: Lucy Libido’s Baby Book: Essential Oils From Bellies to Babies

I am back this week with a brand new podcast episode for you. I’ve got Lucy Libido returns this week to talk all about her new book, Betsy Bosom’s Baby Book: A Girlfriend’s Guide to Using Essential Oils from Bellies to Babies.

We jammed on:

  • Steps to take before you conceive
  • 1st-3rd trimesters: the best oils to use
  • 4th trimester: the need for more emotional support
  • Oils to use during labor
  • Use of oils in babies 6 months and older

Lucy Libido
Lucy was born when one woman decided to host a Valentine’s Day class to teach women how to use essential oils between the sheets. She got a brave group of women together, and they all used oils in the bedroom for several months. They agreed to share honest and vulnerable details with each other. These juicy results were divulged in Lucy’s Valentine’s Day Class “There’s an Oil for THAT”. News of the online class spread like wildfire. Thousands of women around the globe assembled to learn how to rekindle their relationships. The outcome was heartwarming and tear-jerking. Lucy received message after message about how the class had finally helped women get over their emotional and physical blocks. For some, it was a defining point or saving grace in their marriages. Not long after, Lucy published the class into a book and it flew through the roof to become Amazon’s #1 aromatherapy book. When you discover something this good, you’re going to want to share. Friends don’t keep Lucy a secret.

You can find Lucy here:

Lucy Libido on Instagram
Avery’s book: Lucy Libido on Facebook
Lucy’s new book: Betsy Bosom’s Baby Book: A Girlfriend’s Guide to Using Essential Oils from Bellies to Babies.
Note: Unfortunately, Lucy’s Rally as mentioned in this episode is sold out!

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