007: The One Thing You Need To Meet Your Next Love Partner with Veronica Grant

Subscribe to the podcast on: iTunes / Stitcher / Google Play In this week’s episode of The Sacred Medicine Podcast, I speak with Veronica Grant, a dating mindset coach. She is also the host Date Yourself Radio. Veronica helps women enjoy the process of dating, but what she really loves to do is teach women…

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006: Uncovering Your Truth: The Only Way to be Fully Alive with Suzanne Hanna

Subscribe to the podcast on: iTunes / Stitcher / Google Play Do you wish you could move through your fear and pain as a way to live a more inspired and wholehearted life? My guest, Suzanne Hanna, founder of the The Wilderness Walk,  is a healer, visionary, writer, and inspirational speaker. She has helped women…

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005: The Liberated Woman and Connecting with Your Inner Oracle with Amber Chalus

This week my guest is Amber Chalus, founder and creator of The Liberated Woman. She is a Free-Spirited Explorer, Coach, Yoga Teacher and Podcast Host. I loved my interview with Amber and was excited by how many practices we have in common! Including her daily rituals. saging (find out what that is in this episode), stepping into your beautiful feminine space and so much more!

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004: Manifesting Through Orgasm with Amber Leitz

Manifesting Through Orgasm

This week, Sacred Sexuality Coach, Amber Leitz, joins me. Amber helps women remember that they are deeply erotic by nature, and helps them reclaim the power and pleasure of their sexuality. Not only does Amber exude erotic confidence, she can easily tap into that power during her daily rituals. I loved getting to know her process of manifesting and her love of the jade egg!

This interview is not to be missed, if you desire more erotic time in your life and how to make space for it. Delicious interview! Enjoy!

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003: Eating with Intention with Margaret Romero and Cassandra Bodzak

Cassandra Bodzak is a kindred sister of mine! I first learned of her while listening to Elizabeth Dialto’s podcast; and wow, I was blown away. So many of our practices and beliefs are in alignment with each other! Cassandra is a global meditation-wellness guide, spiritual mentor, author and speaker. She is also a certified Kundalini yoga instructor and the host of Eat with Intention TV.

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