177: Tapping into Our Inner Power Soul

It was such a pleasure to connect with Christian de la Huerta and speak about his new book, Awakening the Soul of Power, How to Live Heroically and Set Yourself Free. This powerful book teaches us that we give our power away too often and how to reclaim it back. There are so many instances…

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176: 2 Warnings About the Medical Medium Protocols

Medical Medium Protocols

Today’s podcast is not about hating on Anthony Williams, the author of several bestselling books or that he is led by “Spirit” but 2 medical facts that could impact your health adversely. His books discuss healthy eating options and I’m all for it! So, take a listen today with an open mind. Want to connect…

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175: 3 Common Mistakes and Myths That Prevent Women from Losing Weight

If you’ve been wanting to lose a few pounds, this is the episode for you! Today’s guest is Stu Schaefer, he is a 20-year award-winning weight-loss coach who specializes in helping people reset their body so they can lose weight like they did in their 20s. He is busting so many myths about weight loss,…

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174: The Truth About Acne

Listen up, if you’ve been given antibiotics for your acne, you’ve been slowly destroying the health of your gut. Clearing your skin of acne has nothing to do with how strong your cleanser or toners are! It has everything to do with inflammation and your gut health! I’m discussing all the reasons why you have…

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173: Daily EMF Exposure

Today’s guest blew me away with her knowledge about EMF’s (electronic magnetic field)! August Brice’s own health journey, a sensitivity to electromagnetic radiation discovered 25 years ago, led her to research the subject extensively, and to partner with many of the top EMF experts in the world. She empowers people to have a healthier, safer,…

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