5 Must Have Supplements I Can’t Live Without

“What supplements should I take?” is a question that I often receive. I look to vitamin supplements as my daily miracles. I used to take 20-30 per day. I have tried so many – too many to count – and experimented as any integrative practitioner would do! I have condensed my list down and have chosen five…

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From Fibromyalgia to Triathalon!

One of the delightful things I did not expect from my lupus diagnosis is the opportunity to connect with other women who want to share their stories.  This connection process builds community and brings perspective to my journey. Today, I would like to introduce you to an inspiring friend of mine: Lynn Lennon. I recently…

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8 Things to Do During a Lupus Flare

Body aches and pains all over your body. Swollen joints. Major fatigue. You have experienced all of these symptoms and more. They are triggered once a month to once every few months. They throw you off and at times can require hospitalization. They can be very sudden or they can creep up on you slowly.…

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What Do You Do When Your Doctors Say Your Career Is Over Due to Your Lupus Diagnosis?

Your career is not over due to your lupus diagnosis - Margaret Romero From Lupus to Living

Just recently I read that a well-known music artist was told her music career was over. My heart stopped. How dare they! I was angry and then almost immediately, I began to cry. How could another human being predict the life of another? It brought me back to my time in the hospital when my doctor…

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5 Must Haves for Lupus Body Pain

Relaxation Candles fight lupus body pain - Margaret Romero From Lupus to Living

Happy Belated New Year! By now many of you may be following through with your resolutions. Or maybe you are, like me, struggling to stick to all of them! Did you resolve to reclaim your health in 2013? Would you like to live your life free of your lupus body pain?  I’d like to share…

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