How a Gluten Free Lifestyle Saved My Kidneys

Basket of vegetables for gluten free living - Margaret Romero From Lupus to Living

Note: This post first appeared on Food4ThoughtNYC. As I lay in the medi-copter several years ago getting ready to be flown to another hospital, I thought back to the first day I had experienced wrist pain, which I had just ignored.  What I didn’t know at that time was how quickly this autoimmune disorder would…

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4 Tips for Rapid Hair Growth

Beautiful hair is possible - Margaret Romero From Lupus to Living

Hair is an outward sign of our health. It signifies balanced hormones, adequate nutrients and healthy diet. Especially for women, beautiful hair plays a big role in how we feel about our bodies. But what happens when your hair becomes an outward sign of your ill-health? What happens when it starts to thin, or even fall out,…

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What Are Your Everyday Lupus Challenges?

Lupus Challenge - Yoga, Going to the Gym, or Walking - Margaret Romero From Lupus to Living

When it comes to lupus, everyone has their own individual challenge. It can be fatigue, or pain, or both. It can change and fluctuate in intensity. For me, it was the simple act of just walking. My joints were so red, swollen, and painful that I pretty much had to lay around and remain inactive.…

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Lupus Awareness Month Giveaway in May!

Lupus Awareness Month May 2013 - Margaret Romero From Lupus to Living

Let’s celebrate Lupus Awareness Month! Earn a chance to win a 30-minute Personalized Lupus Strategy Call! In celebration of Lupus Awareness Month this May, I’m giving away 30-minute Intensive Lupus Strategy Call worth $200 to 3 of my Twitter or Facebook followers through an online raffle. You could win 30 minutes to ask any of your…

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5 Must Have Supplements I Can’t Live Without

“What supplements should I take?” is a question that I often receive. I look to vitamin supplements as my daily miracles. I used to take 20-30 per day. I have tried so many – too many to count – and experimented as any integrative practitioner would do! I have condensed my list down and have chosen five…

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