Along with the right foods, supplements have been able to enhance the healing process, correct vitamin deficiencies, and bring about balance to an unbalanced, chaotic immune system. Most importantly, it’s figuring out which supplements are right for you and what deficiencies you may be suffering from. All of these are gluten free and high quality.

Yes, you can buy your supplements from your local pharmacy or drugstore, but you have no way of knowing the stringent testing that may or may not have been performed, especially for supplements such as fish oils. You want to know if your brand has a strict protocol for mercury testing. Most supplements that you find at your local pharmacy have fillers and preservatives which can put an additional burden on your liver.

I have hand picked these supplements and use them myself.

These supplements include ones that decrease inflammation, heal gut issues, replace vitamin deficiencies, and boost adrenal health. All of that prednisone sure wreaked havoc on our adrenals, which supply 200 different hormones. This ultimately affecting our mood, our menstrual cycle, our thyroid, and most importantly our vitality.

It’s important to get blood work performed to know exactly which hormones are low by your specialist.

I can’t speak enough on the importance of vitamin D3 for the body afflicted with any autoimmune disorder. It helps to down regulate an over active immune system and helps with bone health as well. All that prednisone decreases bone density, so make sure you are supplementing with calcium as well as Vitamin D3.

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