3 Ways to Radically Transform Your 2016


I love this time of year but not necessarily all the holiday shopping or any the frenetic energy to overconsume, overeat, or overspend but because of the impending new year. The glorious planning, the mapping out of what’s to come, the creation of a new year.

Sitting down, being quiet and listening to your heart’s desires for the new year. Where would you like to travel, which friends you would like to see, what adventures from your bucket list will you be checking off this coming year? Designing your year. I.love.it.

What about your health? What do you want to feel this year? Vibrant? Pain-free? Full of energy? What are you willing to give up or add to your daily regimen to get to your desired emotion? Give up gluten? That’s huge….but doable.  What are you willing to give up in order to finally feel healthy again? What does that mean to you and when was the last time you felt this way?

3 Ways to Evoke Your Desires in 2016:

  1. Be Quiet: Find the space and carve out some time to not only visualize and feel what it is most you truly want for the new year. Listen and connect to your heart.  Do you want to lose weight? Stop eating sugar? Join a gym? Start juicing everyday? Eat more kale? Reconnect with old friends? Have a passionate love life? Meet your soulmate? Tap in and listen, write it all out.
  2. Plan: Once you have written down what you desire to feel, create, or do in 2016, write it on a 12 month calendar or planner and fill in your months. It could be a trip in June to visit a dear friend in Colorado. In January, to join a gym or buy the NutriBullet and start making green smoothies. February- book a healthy cooking class at Healthy Gourmet Institute. Plan those weekend trips, a monthly massage, go dancing, throw a cocktail party, or escape to a tropical getaway. Because if it’s not planned, it won’t happen. Trust me on this one.
  3. Commit: Yes, you must follow through! Reach out to a friend to help you with accountability for all your desires. Say them out loud and share with a couple of close girlfriends. Meet and do this together over tea. Start by booking a flight or looking up hotels or B&B’s in the area. Take advantage of that gym special. Always wanted to learn a new language? Download a free language app or buy Rosetta Stone. Commit to changing something in your life that you may feel is lackluster. We can always improve something. I love personal growth and development and will read, listen, or attend talks whenever I get the chance.

If you are ready to make this a memorable, outrageous, pleasurable year, planning is absolutely necessary.

So I’d love to know 1 thing you want to change, what trip you are planning, or what adventure awaits you this coming year. Inspire me!

Warm hugs,