162: Parasites and the Full Moon with Jen Malecha

This week we’re talking about parasites and their activity during the full moon, why you ask? Well, it’s all discussed in this week’s podcast.

You will learn:

• some of the symptoms of parasitic activity
• what to do if you think you may have them
• bugs that cause autoimmunity
• and more

About Jen Malecha

Jenn Malecha supports busy, health-mind professionals in taking back control of their health by giving them access to the right lab tests and resources so they can find the missing pieces of their health puzzle, actually fix what is wrong and get back to feeling like themselves again.

Using over a decade of personal training experience, training in Functional Diagnostic Nutrition and Transformational Coaching, she creates personalized health-rebuilding programs for clients that are realistic and sustainable for long-lasting results, and that empower clients to be the boss of their own health.

If you’re ready to look at the “big picture” of your health (not just one disconnected piece at a time), to embrace healthy as a way of being, and to stop settling for anything less than you deserve when it comes to your health and happiness then Jenn is exactly who you’ve been looking for!


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