093: The Dangers of Breast Implants with Dr. Kayte Susse

I have an amazing interview today with Dr. Kayte Susse. She has had a remarkable journey since having breast implants. In this episode she shares her story of how how breast implants wreaked havoc on her body and shares what she knows about breast implant illness education and recovery.

We jammed on:

  • Kayte’s symptoms and health journey since the implants
  • What happens to the implants that create havoc
  • Silicone vs Saline implants
  • Are saline implants any safer?
  • How to recover using vitamins and more
  • Comparing different types of implants

About Dr. Kayte Susse:
Dr. Kayte Susse became interested in studying medicine while suffering from mysterious health symptoms only 9 months after getting silicone breast implants. At the age of 27 she led a very active lifestyle after just retiring from 9 years as a high school and collegiate all-american wrestler. A sudden onset of systemic health issues which seemed to appear overnight perplexed both the allopathic medical community and several alternative medicine doctors she encountered which lead her on a journey of health and self exploration.

Today she is a strong advocate of breast implant illness education and recovery. Her expertise lies in rehabilitation of the mitochondria through detox, epigenetic support and regenerative medicine techniques. She believes there are over 2 dozen different ways implants can make someone sick, and the key to healing is proper removal followed by bio-individual analysis and support. The best part of implant recovery and detox is the anti-aging benefits of regenerative therapies in the hopes of reversing much of the vitality stolen by toxic implants.

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