Wisdom for the Weekend: Do What Keeps You Grounded

To all of my Sacred Medicine listeners and sisters, I’ve had a rough couple of weeks. You can listen to my two most previous Wisdom for the Weekend episodes to hear my self-reflection about stress, losing my shit and taking a break. This week, while I sit in a beautiful room in Tuscany, Italy, I find myself not wanting to explore. Instead, spending some quiet time in solitude is what I find to be helpful. It’s what keeps me grounded.  In this episode, I share my current experience, as well as, offer a reminder to you, to do what keeps you grounded when life seems like it’s spinning out of control.

WFW: Take a Break Before You Break Down
WFW: Losing My Shit

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Wisdom for the Weekend episodes are small doses of inspiration you can take with you as you go into your weekend. Think of these episodes as sacred medicine for your soul.  And with that, have a soulful weekend!