Wisdom for the Weekend: Take A Break Before You Break Down

I decided to go ahead with a planned vacation after spending countless days at the hospital bedside with my dad. My body couldn’t handle it anymore; my adrenals exhausted, and I was emotionally burnt out. I was experiencing sleepless nights, not eating, and felt like things were spiraling out of control. So while it was a very hard decision to move forward with the planned vacation, it most definitely is a well deserved break for my body and my soul. So, this episode is a reminder to you to take a break before you break down.

Wisdom for the Weekend: Losing My Shit
029: The Joy of Being Single, ChildFree, and over 40 with Erica Landau

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Wisdom for the Weekend episodes are small doses of inspiration you can take with you as you go into your weekend. Think of these episodes as sacred medicine for your soul.  And with that, have a soulful weekend!