That Big, Beautiful F Word

smiling-happy-womanCan you think of someone who aggravates you? Someone who is utterly irritating, but may or may not be in your life anymore? Maybe it’s a close friend who has turned their back on you or a love relationship that went sour. An exchange of harsh words turned to hurt feelings and anger.  The very thought of this person brings thoughts of disgust along with resentment. You then carry these feelings with you, and at times, for years. Years!

Relationships have a way of opening your heart and they also have the ability to shatter it into a million pieces. But harboring ill-will towards another will eventually, if not immediately, affect you, if not your soul, your health or both. Excess stress whether it be emotional, verbal or physical will adversely affect you. Everyone knows that stress is the leading cause of many serious health conditions including death.  If it is work-related, start looking for another job, or become an entrepreneur and create the life you have always desired.  If it’s a relationship, get therapy, talk it out, or find a way out. Our health and emotions are so intricately linked. No one is worth a decline in your health. You deserve better or rather great- a great job or a great partner.

We are all here to complete a mission. Our precious missions are here to be supported, fulfilled, and embraced. It brings us happiness. There is a deep knowing when we are on the right path, there is a spark that ignites every time we think about our purpose. It’s what drives us and the one thing that gets us out of bed in the morning.

But harboring feelings of bitterness for another dampens not only our happiness, but also squelch’s your drive to carry through and complete your mission.

As Marianne Williamson says ” Relationships are assignments”. And when the same type of people or issues keeps coming into our lives, it’s time to take a closer look. Is there something that still needs to be learned or healed? What can we learn from this experience?

So how do you move on?

You forgive.

Forgiveness is not meant for the other person, it’s meant for us, to finally release all of that nasty baggage. It allows for this gorgeous, expansive space to bring in creativity and openness. Shutting down and closing up only separate you from the limitless happiness and abundance destined for you.

But it is one of the most difficult things in life, to send love or show compassion to the ones who have hurt you or caused you any form of suffering.

One thing I’ve learned about forgiveness is having gratitude for the experience. This person or job came into your life for a reason, a teaching, a beautiful lesson. Though painful, have gratitude for the good they brought into your life. Right now, think of 10 things that you are grateful for in this person. Acknowledge them in your heart.

You will move past this and the wisdom you will earn is priceless.

I’m not saying this is an easy task. But once you release the charge, you clear up space for more positive and uplifting memories to flow in.  There will be a sense of freedom when you finally release them.

You don’t need to talk to this person/job or even write an email or letter. Find it in your heart that space of love that you once had for them, and forgive. You may need to pray about this, journal, or declare 10 gratitudes about them everyday for 10 days. Release them in love. Whatever it takes. This hurt causes pain in us, in our bodies and our souls. Letting go of this hurt is so beneficial for your health.

You will feel lighter and happier, trust me on this one.

So can you think of 1 person that you have been holding a grudge against and need to forgive? What have you done to release them?

Much love,