Hands down, cooking is my most favorite thing in the world! I felt compelled to create this page as my way of showing you first hand that health stems from many factors, including how we feed our sacred temple, our bodies.

Every morsel, every bite is intentional. Each ingredient is carefully selected to enhance your healing and boost your vitamin and mineral intake. Each recipe is created with you in mind. Flavors, spices, and seasonings used to enhance the most simplest of meals.

With each recipe or picture, you are transported into my kitchen. You will see what I eat and what helped me get over the pain and inflammation associated with an autoimmune disorder.

I love to dabble in different cuisines from all over the world. One day it’s an italian comfort food. The next, a spicy curry dish. Or a simple picnic while listening to the Philharmonic in the park. Maybe a few appetizers for the ladies on a Friday night. Or a delicious green smoothie to start your day.

All recipes will be gluten free. But don’t let those 2 words intimidate you. That by no means translates to bland or tasteless meals. I wouldn’t stand for that! Yes, you can still eat pasta most brands out there you would not be able to taste the difference. All in all, your body will be able to tell.

You can try eliminating it for 2-3 weeks completely and then re-introduce it and see how you feel. Your body will tell you, trust me on this one.

So take my hand and let me guide you into a world of healthy living, healing on a cellular level, and the most simple, tasty dishes you thought you could create on your own.

This is where things change, inflammation decreases, pain begins to subside, and fatigue lifts.

This baby was created out of my deep love for food. Healthy food. But with some added comfort to it. I wouldn’t allow or create boring, plain, or difficult recipes.

Videos coming soon as well!