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Can I just tell you how eye-opening my conversation with this week’s guest, Avery Neal, was? Avery Neal is the author of, If He’s So Great, Why Do I Feel So Bad?: Recognizing and Overcoming Subtle Abuse. She is also a practicing psychotherapist, author, speaker and consultant. She is passionate about empowering women to discover their own inner strength, leading to higher self-esteem, confidence and overall life satisfaction. During our conversation, we jammed on all the signs of an abusive relationship. And, let me tell ...
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So here we are, the 100th episode and I can literally tear up with the love for my listeners. It's been an amazing experience and I'm grateful from the bottom of my heart. I've adored all of my guests and I am in awe of their wisdom. Today, I'm chatting about upcoming news, astrologically speaking, and how it's a great time to commit to your dreams! Subscribe to the podcast on: iTunes / Stitcher / Google Play ...
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I recently was lucky enough to spend a weekend in Puerto Rico to offer up some medical services following Hurricane Maria, which affected the island last year. The people of Puerto Rico are still suffering in many ways. In this episode, I talk about my experience and the one thing I do to express the gratitude in my life. Subscribe to the podcast on: iTunes / Stitcher / Google Play ...
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There are lots of planetary changes this fall and you don't want to miss them! Jennifer Angel, resident astrologer of Star! magazine and metaphysical writer for the New York Daily News, is back on the podcast! Jennifer gives us the lowdown on planetary updates and also takes us through each of the astrological signs and what’s to come for each one, this Fall. About Jennifer Angel: Jennifer Angel is a resident astrologer to one of America’s most successful celebrity and entertainment magazines – Star! For ...
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Do you suffer from recurrent and annoying yeast infections? Well, then this is the episode for you. It goes beyond Diflucan or Monistat and even most likely more than wjhat your GYN has ever told you about! Download The Treating Vaginal Yeast Infections Information Sheet: Subscribe to the podcast on: iTunes / Stitcher / Google Play ...
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How many times have you had ideas of things you wanted to create; maybe a book, a workshop, or even a business? But, you shit on it. We do this all the time. It's time to stop and finally do the thing, whatever that thing is for you. Write the book. Create that workshop. Do it. Stop shitting on your own brilliance. That's the topic of this week's Wisdom for the Weekend. Plus, I call myself out in this episode. Subscribe to the podcast on: iTunes / Stitcher / Google ...
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