From Ms. to Mrs!

Dearest Friends,

I’m still on cloud 9 from our most magical and beautiful wedding in Sedona AZ. The gorgeous red rocks and having our dearest and closest friends and family present for our sacred union in the midst of nature was beyond anything I could have dreamed possible. In the middle of monsoon season, the weather held up beautifully with a hot and sunny day from morning until a stunning sunset.

Being a first time bride at 43, I never dreamed of meeting this wonderful man.  But bringing, or rather, attracting love into my life was a true act of surrender. It was at that moment that I stopped trying to figure out how Mr.Right was going to come into my life, that we met.

Last summer, I surrendered to being happily single. Just like that. It was by no means easy but I was about 1 week into reveling in my singlehood when I met him and my life changed forever.

IMG_6654IMG_6673I have always believed that our desires are gorgeous, bold, motivating and come from our souls. It is what drives us.

Whether it’s your desire to be in partnership, to build a business, travel to an exotic island, eat at a new restaurant, schedule a day long spa, or being able to have an hour of quiet time to read your favorite book, I say Go.For. It!

Don’t hold back. Believe it can happen.

If you are in the midst of dealing with a flare (I know what that is all about), you can still have desires. Big, juicy ones.

I’d love to hear some of your desires, when spoken or written, it creates an energy that can bring them to life. Don’t hold them back.

Much love,