How to be Heart Led and Not Listen to Logic

How To Be Heart Led

In the midst of holiday season here in the northeast, we begin to bundle up, and prepare our gardens or boats for the impending cold winter season. I also find myself bracing for the winter and going inward. Introspection. A deep look, a review of the last 12 months, and pondering my heart’s deepest desires. One of them being completely led by my heart. Being heart-led means allowing yourself to be pulled, compelled, and seduced by your soul’s longing not by your mind. Not by the should’s of your life. The brilliance of who we really are resides or lives in your heart patiently waiting for you to listen. I maneuver and craft my day with my writing, the foods I nourish my body with, the self-care I practice, and the music my body wants to move to. Listening intently.

Winter, though not my favorite time of the year, gives me permission to just be. To snuggle up, to read, to make stews and soups that nourish more than my body but also my soul. I gather my friends together and cook yummy comfort food, gluten free, of course. And as the year comes to a close, I plan out my 2016. Not only the new programs I will be launching (watch for these coming in January!), but the vacations and beautiful down time. This down time fills up my reserves and is especially beneficial for overall adrenal health. I’m no good for my clients if I’m burned out or stressed. Do I need some mountain time? Spa time? A foreign destination? Visiting friends? Again, my mind would most likely choose to stay home and work. That vacation won’t happen unless it’s scheduled. This is a good month to sit down and design your life for 2016.

My heart never lies. She always knows the best self-care practices, the most nourishing foods, and the perfect weekend or day getaway. Now, I’m not saying this is an easy task. Most of us are led by logic 100% of the time. I’m suggesting you let your heart start leading 50% of the time and gradually increase it. Maybe when you really don’t feel like going to the gym, your body really needs restorative yoga. We tend to override our heart by pushing, forcing, or making things happen. Or we put our bodies in overdrive when all she really wants is some down time. You may not feel like being social or going to that party, but rather stay in, journal, luxuriate in a bubble bath, listening to those innate needs more. It certainly takes practice. I would say that I do this now 90% of the time. I don’t do anything because I “should” anymore.

Now, I realize that there are the must’s in life, such as going to work and doing laundry, but there are other choices you can make that allow for a more easeful life.

The results are quite profound in fact. Life becomes much sweeter. More relaxed. On a typical Sunday, or any day for that matter, I like to go on a short hike. But instead of thinking I must go, I ask my body, and maybe she (me) will make a better suggestion. Let’s go for a drive, visit a friend, family, or maybe stay in and watch a movie. She decides. And we all win because it’s always a great choice.

Follow your heart. Maybe you call it your intuition. That inner knowing. It will always lead you to the most spectacular life, more than you could have ever possibly imagined.

How about you start listening more? Her voice is not loud, it’s a gentle whisper. Nudging you slightly. Take that nap, be tender with those quiet little wants, be open to them. Go along with those nudges, see where it takes you.

I’d love to know how you let your heart lead, the changes you made, and how your body felt.