055: Mantourage, Sexual Boundaries, and Dating Men Who Earn Less with Jenn Burton

Ep 55 - Jenn Burton

If you’ve considered dating multiple people at once, but had questions about it or wondered if it’s a good idea, you won’t want to miss this episode. Jenn Burton, Dating Expert and Romantic Fairy Godmomma to smart, successful single women, joins me this week on the podcast. We talk about what to do if you fall too easy early on, dating and more. Jenn is also going to take us through the concept of mantourage dating and explain why it’s so good for you!

We also jammed on:

  • How to Mantourage
  • Talking through sexual boundaries
  • Why financially successful women have a hard time dating
  • Alpha men versus Beta Men
  • Dating men who earn less than you
  • The mistakes women make while dating

About Jenn Burton:
Dating Expert and Romantic Fairy Godmomma to smart, successful single women all around the world, Jenn Burton is known for magically ushering in stable, fun, witty, and insanely attractive men who will love, adore & romance you without expecting you to compromise your career, success, or genuine self for any of it! After years of dysfunctional relationships & crappy dating experiences, Jenn decided to take matters into her own hands, and developed a dating method for creating the most magical experiences that lead to love.

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