030: Slowing Down with Amber Chalus

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Amber Chalus is back on the show talking about the importance and necessity of slowing down. With all of the things that need our attention on a daily basis, slowing down is one of the most important items on our list. But it often gets overlooked. It’s a form of self-care and so very important. In this episode, we chat about slowing down, simplifying and honoring yourself.

We jammed on:  

  • How Amber incorporates slowing down in her life
  • Why it’s so important and vital for women
  • Why decluttering is a way of honoring yourself
  • How simplifying your life is a way of slowing down
  • Why we delay gratification and how we can live our lives fully, now

About Amber Chalus:
Amber Chalus, founder and creator of The Liberated Womanis a Free-Spirited Explorer, Coach, Yoga Teacher and Podcast Host. Her mission? To empower women to Escape the Ordinary, Discover Their Bliss & Find Freedom Within. She believes that every woman deserves to feel connected to her body, radiate with confidence and live the life of her dreams. Her current home is located in the wild heart of Canada with her charming British husband and adorable rescue pup, Indiana.

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