029: The Joy of Being Single, ChildFree, and over 40 with Erica Landau

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One of my very dear and close friends is on the show this week, jamming about being single and childfree over 40. Erica and I have been soul sisters and friends for over 8 years.  We discuss the topic of living childfree, being single and dating, frequently. We hit on the huge misconception that women living in this way, are sad and lonely. Not true! We chat about that and more. Listen in to hear all of the details.

We jammed on:

  • Why being single, childfree and over 40 is not a death sentence
  • Why we chose to be childfree
  • How we combat loneliness and rarely feel it
  • How we deal with family, friends or even the public when we say we don’t have children
  • Navigating dating with men who have children or want them
  • The perks of being single and childfree

About Erica Landau:
Erica happily resides in the mountains of beautiful Colorado enjoying skiing and travels to far destinations to cure her desire for scuba diving. Aside from being a world traveler, she loves to cook and spend her time reading.  She also loves dogs and is currently planning her next European vacation.

NY Times Article: The Unexpected, Exhilarating Freedom of Being Single at 41