021: Rocking Your Voice with Christine Miskinis

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This week my guest is Christine Miskinis, a women’s empowerment coach and founder of Rock It Out, Woman. This woman is fierce and powerful. You can hear it in the tone of her voice, yet she is also so sultry. Christine teaches women to own their voice and be bold in their expression. We chat about honoring your inner voice, sisterhood and more.

We jammed on:

  • Why women have a resistance to being seen and heard
  • The importance of sisterhood and having a tribe
  • How to create and find your tribe
  • What is your inner voice
  • How to connect with yourself, everyday, and why this is so important
  • Learn how to embody your message

About Christine Miskinis:
Christine Miskinis, is a Feminine Power Coach and owner and founder of Rock it Out Woman and Moms Coach for Life

She has recently been defined as a Spiritual Midwife, as she supports women in the Return to Themselves in order to achieve their greatest Desires, find their Inner Voice and Rock it Out in their lives as Women, Mothers and Wives!

Her path for healing and thinking outside the box, began when she holistically healed herself of a lifetime of digestive issues and a precancerous condition at age 24. Through that experience she learned to research, question, experiment and always challenge what she was “told” by trusting her instincts in helping her to “find a better way.”

Christine has been seen multiple times on Dr. Oz and hosts her own RockitoutWomanTV YouTube Channel.  She also hosts her OWN weekly RADIOSHOW called Rock It Out Radio.

You can find Christine here:
Rockitoutwoman.com ( free book and meditation)
Christine on Facebook
Rock it Out, Woman – Facebook Group