017: Beyond the Clitoral Orgasm with Eyal Matsliah

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Eyal Matsliah, a sexual empowerment coach, author and speaker, joins me on the podcast, this week. And, he sure knows his way around a woman’s landscape!  In this episode, we chat about clitoral orgasm, how to have deeper and satisfying orgasms, and much more! Oh, and you don’t need a partner to experience any of this, yes it’s true.

In this episode we also jam on:

  • How to get deeper and more satisfying orgasms instead of short, superficial clitoral orgasms
  • How to let go of clitoral addiction
  • Learn what “edging” means
  • Yoga poses to enhance yoni energy
  • How to experience 30-60 minute full body orgasms (OMG!)

About Eyal Matsliah:
Eyal Matsliah is a sexual empowerment coach, author and speaker. He helps professionals unleash their pleasure, power and purpose. Embracing and harnessing their sexual energy allows them to express their creative gifts, help others and live a more meaningful life.

Eyal’s best-selling book, ‘Orgasm Unleashed – Your guide to pleasure, healing and power’, teaches a woman how to transform her sexual experience by herself, and later share that with her partner.

You can find Eyal here:

Grab a free sample of Eyal’s Book, here:
Orgasm Unleashed – Your guide to pleasure, healing and power

Eyal performing Yoni Massage:
Yoni massage – Whole body energy orgasm without touch


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