5 More Tips to Prepare the Body for a Future Pregnancy:

Here are 5 more tips to prepare your body for pregnancy. In case you missed the first 5, find it here.     1. Avoid alcohol/ quit smoking: This may seem so obvious, but I still see pregnant women smoking! If your partner smokes, the second hand exposure may cause difficulty conceiving. Starting to wean…

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Feeling Tired? Five Tips To Overcome Lupus Fatigue

Lupus Fatigue from httpwww.sxc.hu slash photo slash 406378

As a lupus thriver and nurse practitioner, I get a lot of questions about lupus.  Last week, the most popular question was “ What can I do to get over the fatigue?” It’s a question that I’m asked quite often, as people describe themselves as waking up exhausted or dragging at work all day. Some…

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